About this course

Being assertive is a great skill that needs the right development to be truly effective.

Feedback from attendees of the Assertive Behaviour & Influencing Skills course 24/05/19


"I would be happy to do a whole day on this."

Course outline

  • Complete and understand your assertiveness self-appraisal

  • Learn about 4 types of behaviour and how to adapt

  • Understand assertive behaviour and learn to use assertive behaviour tools

  • Identify the key interpersonal skills to influence people

  • Develop a personal action plan. Learning Methods

The course uses a number of learning methods including presentation, discussion, exercises and role plays.


Course content

  • Welcome, introductions and objectives

  • Understanding the four types of behaviours

  • Complete and interpret your personal assertiveness appraisal

  • How to be more assertive in your behaviour, benefits and outcomes

  • Learning key assertiveness tools

  • Understanding how influencing works and the difference between influencing and persuading

  • Prepare your personal action plan

Pricing and availability 

The course will commence at 9.30am to 1.00pm

Price: £95 + VAT

This price includes materials and refreshments.