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About this course

Unacceptable behaviours, such as bullying and harassment or aggressive attitudes, can lead to increased levels of absence, staff turnover, and lower staff morale which can reduce productivity. The effects of unacceptable behaviours are harmful to all concerned and potentially expensive for organisations. This course provides delegates with valuable information about what constitutes unacceptable behaviour and bullying and harassment.


Course outline

  • Highlight the importance of an environment where everyone feels safe from bullying & harassment

  • Discuss how bullying & harassment is viewed in the eyes of the law

  • Identify different methods that are used to bully and harass

  • Understand your role in ensuring that bullying & harassment is eliminated

  • Demonstrate how to deal with cases of bullying & harassment

Course content

  • What is bullying & harassment?​

  • What actions constitute bullying & harassment?​

  • Strong management or bullying?​

  • The impact of bullying & harassment​

  • Manager guidelines and individual responsibility​

  • The law relating to bullying & harassment​

  • Handling allegations​

  • Dealing with bullying & harassment scenarios

Pricing and availability

The course will commence at 9.30am to 1.00pm

Price: £95 + VAT

This price includes materials and refreshments.


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