... and how to avoid it!

22nd July 2021

9.30am - 1pm

Online Half-Day Training Course

This half-day training course will explain the legal definition of an unfair dismissal and how an employment tribunal determines whether an employer has dismissed an employee fairly or not. It will set out the practical policies and actions employers can take to reduce the risk of a costly unfair dismissal claim.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the legal test for an unfair dismissal

  • Learn how an employment tribunal determines whether a dismissal is fair or not

  • Understand the role of the ACAS Code of Practice on Discipline & Grievance

  • Review what policies and procedures an employer needs to have and follow 

  • Complete an action plan to reduce the risk of unfairly dismissing an employee

Course content

  • Introduction and Objectives

  • Discussion of the group’s understanding of unfair dismissal

  • Review of the Employment Rights Act 1996 section on dismissal

  • Overview of relevant legal tests including BHS v Burchell: the test for misconduct dismissals

  • ACAS Code of Practice

  • Employment Tribunal procedures and awards

  • Importance of effective application of disciplinary procedures, including proper investigations

  • Practical guidance and advice for employers

  • Questions and action plans

  • Role Play exercises

Pricing and availability

The course will commence at 9.30am to 1.00pm 

Price: £95 + VAT

Includes materials

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£95+ VAT