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This bundle of 8 of our high-quality online training courses will help managers of all experiences to develop and hone their skills in leading teams to success.  All can be purchased separately for £35 each (scroll down), or you can buy all 8 for £199 saving £81.  Click on each module below for more details:

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Course Details

Purchase separately for £35 + VAT each

All our courses have been developed by expert trainers in their fields, and all are independently certified by the CPD service.


Leadership Skills

This course will introduce you to some of the important techniques and theories that can help you to improve your leadership skills and be more effective in your role.

CPD units: 3          Approved by CPD & ILM

£35 + VAT


Disciplinary Procedures

This course covers the aims of the disciplinary procedure, penalties including investigations, allegations and suspensions, procedures for carrying out hearings, and appeals.

CPD units: 2          Approved by CPD

£35 + VAT


Performance Management

Performance management involves the achievement of targets through the effective management of people and the environment in which they operate. It's about setting achievable goals and targets for individuals and teams. 

CPD units: 2          Approved by CPD

£35 + VAT


Managing Sickness & Absence

Understand the different types of absence and identify ways of measuring absence. Return-to-work forms and how to conduct effective return-to-work meetings. The course finishes off by explaining the formal processes involved in managing absence.

CPD units: 1         Approved by CPD

£35 + VAT


Effective Delegation

This course will start with defining exactly what we mean by delegation and why it's so important. It then goes into details about the elements of delegating effectively.

CPD units: 3          Approved by CPD


£35 + VAT

Time Management

This course has been designed to ensure you have the techniques to improve your efficiency, output and ability to function more effectively - whether in your ordinary day or when deadlines loom and the pressure is building.

CPD units: 3          Approved by CPD

£35 + VAT


Managing Meetings

This course examines factors that make meetings great, and some practical steps you can take to ensure everything runs smoothly and successful outcomes are achieved. It also covers some of the ways you can handle any problems that arise. 

CPD units: 2          Approved by CPD

£35 + VAT


Developing Teamwork

Explains in detail what team working is and covers some of the principles for putting together a group of people who will work well together. It covers conflict within teams and strategies for managing conflict. It explores different styles of management behaviour and how to develop a resilient team.

CPD units: 1          Approved by CPD & ILM

£35 + VAT