About this course

Learn practical management techniques to help improve attendance, and discover what the law says you can and cannot do when managing workplace absence.

Course outline

  • Differentiate between authorised and unauthorised absence

  • Understand the impact of unauthorised absence on the business

  • Examine short term and long term absence

  • Understand procedures on how to deal with absence


Course content

  • Authorised and unauthorised absence

    • What is the difference?

    • What are employees’ rights?

    • The employer’s duties

  • The cost and impact of absence on the business

    • Putting a value on absence

    • The real impact

    • Causes of illness

    • Legal considerations

  • Short term unrelated absence

    • Creating an attendance culture

    • Fitness to Work Notes

    • Improving levels of attendance

  • Long term or related absence

    • Return to work interviews

    • The Equality Act and disabilities – your obligations

    • Obtaining medical reports

    • Dismissal on the grounds of capability

Pricing and availability

The course will commence at 9.30am to 1.00pm

Price: £145 + VAT

This price includes materials and refreshments.