Could a 'gig economy' approach work in your business?

A leading Accountancy firm in the UK has announced that they will let new employees 'pick and choose' the hours they work in response to the feedback from a study they carried out.

PwC has launched a scheme titled "The Flexible Talent Network." Applicants simply list the skills that they have and their preferred work patterns when they apply. The company then matches the skills to the projects they have - as opposed to recruiting for a specific role. In the first two weeks the scheme had over 2,000 people register.

Is flexibility the route to talent?

A key message from the 2,000 respondents to the study that they prioritised flexible working hours and a good work-life balance the most when choosing a job (46%).

PwC say they are committed to bringing the best talent into their business, and breaking the stigma that working for large firms is only available with a standard 9-5 working day. "We recognise that we need to offer greater flexibility, different working options and a route back in for those looking to restart their careers", said PwC's chief people officer, Laura Hinton.

Flexibility could be anything from a different start and end time for the working day, shorter weekly working hours, to only working for a few months a year.

Could flexible working hours work for your business?

Thinking about your business, do you think implementing a similar approach as PwC would benefit your business? Are you seeing this demand for flexibility when recruited people into your business?

If you have any questions about how flexible working methods could work in your business our team of expert HR consultants can answer your questions. Call us today on 01722 325833 or contact us here.

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