Five Ways An Apprentice Could Benefit Your Business

Apprenticeships open up a wide range of opportunities for young people to start a successful career and they are becoming an increasingly good option for employers who wish to bring new talent and fresh ideas into their teams.

Hiring an apprentice can really be a win-win situation for both the apprentice and the employer, so here are just 5 ways that taking on an apprentice could benefit your business:

1. Talent tailored to your business

Taking on an apprentice means that the training they get can be tailored to your business so that it suits exactly what you need. Your apprentice will learn how your business operates in order to maximise the benefit to you.

2. Fresh thinking, new ideas, and enthusiasm

Bringing in an apprentice means that you are starting with a blank slate – someone with no preconceptions and a totally new view. Research suggests that apprentices are more driven to succeed because they are specifically looking to learn new skills and progress. This enthusiasm and energy can also boost the moral of the whole team!

3. Retention and upskilling

By offering an apprentice a chance to work for your company you have made them feel valued; this means that they are more likely to remain loyal and dedicated to your company. You could also use an apprenticeship to provide the opportunity for an existing member of staff to develop and learn new skills.

4. Funding

You would need to cover the employment costs of your apprentice, but there might be funding available for some, or even all of their, training depending on the nature of the apprenticeship. This can be a huge benefit to small businesses and is a great, cost-effective way of benefiting from training.

5. Improve your reputation

Investing in apprentices helps to build your company a good reputation and brand image as it demonstrates your commitment to provide employment and development to young people and/or current staff.

So, the next time you’re looking to employ someone new, why not look into taking on an apprentice? The rewards could be amazing!

Look out for National Apprenticeships Week between 4-8 March 2019.

If you're considering the opportunity to introduce apprenticeships into your business contact the team at HJS. We can help you work out the best route to making that idea a reality! Email or call 01722 325833.

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