HR Top Tips for Business Owners

The team at HJS Human Resources has such a diverse and wide ranging wealth of experience and at the start of the year we decided to pool together some of best tips for business owners in regards to HR.

Here's what the team had to share:

Ashton Clark, HR Advisor

My tip to new businesses would be to put the time in at the beginning to make sure they employee the right staff. Often employers want to fill a position quickly to reduce stress and increased workload across the company. However, taking that little extra time to ensure they get the best fit rather than a quick replacement will benefit them in the long run.

Dan Jenkins, Managing Director

My tip is to get your HR documents reviewed and updated in the New Year – start 2020 with everything up to date, legally compliant and following best practice to protect the business.

Zoe Fisher, HR Consultant

Establish a strong company culture to drive employee engagement and minimise employee turnover. It is important to communicate this across the business and ensure that all employees are aware of the company values.

Peter Harding, HR Services Manager

All internal rules and regulations should be subject to rationalisation and justification; if an employee does not know why the rules or regulations exist, they are more likely to be ignored.

Gemma Warren, Marketing Manager

Go digital! Storing personal information in a software system means you know where it is and can access when you need it!

Mark Dunning, HR Consultant

Do not shy away from conflict, it is an important element of organisational development when conflict is positive; it only becomes destructive when the conflict is negative. Ignoring it, will either provide negativity or give rise to a missed opportunity to develop.

Emma Gross, HR Assistant

Walk the talk (shopfloor) to get the best feedback in terms of output and/or performance.

What advice would you offer to a new business owner to help them manager HR?

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