It's Show & Tell at Work Day!

Christmas is over, it’s grey, it’s cold. We’re in lockdown and wondering just how to raise the spirits. So, here’s something simple we can all get involved in: National Show and Tell at Work day!

Yep that’s it, just like when you were at primary school, but this one is for adults. A chance to show off and share your out of work achievements, hobbies, family with your work colleagues.

It could be a photo of

  • Your garden (or at least how it looked in the summer!)

  • Your children or a pet

  • Your car

  • Your best Christmas present

  • Perhaps a cake you have baked

  • A book you have read

  • A painting you have done

  • A plant you have grown - the options are endless!

Sharing your out of work interests and hobbies with your friends and work colleagues helps you get to know one another and create a strong team bond.

We'll be posting about Show and Tell at Work Day over on our social media accounts - come and share the story behind your photo on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Get snapping, upload your photo and get ready to share it with your team on Friday 08 January!

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