Lessons we'll take with us into 2021

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

We asked the team to think about what they have learnt during 2020 and they've been kind enough to share those thoughts with you here.

Tracey, HR Services Manager

This year has been dominated by Covid-19 and constantly thinking about lockdowns, social distancing, "Hands - Face - Space!" The key learning I would like to share is:

Be vigilant, but keep going, don't sit back and let the Pandemic take over.

In the last six months, our HJS Office team of four has

  • welcomed two new team members

  • one member has progressed to HR Advisor

  • another has completed their CIPD Level 3 diploma

  • one has successfully passed their probationary period

  • and although it's sad, one of the team is moving on to another role, proving that the job market is still active, and we can all still progress.

Emma, HR Advisor

2020 has taught me the importance of shopping local and supporting local businesses here in Salisbury.

It not only provides a variety of wonderful handmade products, but you also get the feeling that your purchase is truly appreciated, unlike the larger multimillion pound companies.

Zoe, HR Consultant

This year has been tough for all, however, it affects us differently due to personal circumstances and everyone needs to be mindful of this.

My biggest learning point is that I am stronger than I ever thought possible and being there for family, extended family and friends is so important, as we all find times difficult.

Gemma, Marketing Manager

I like to think that this year we have all learnt to value our wonderful NHS. I hope that the loyalty and determination of key workers across all sectors inspires our younger population to consider these jobs as fulfilling careers.

On a more personal note, I have continued to learn more about my own mental wellbeing and what I need to be doing to keep my mind as well as my body fit and well. I have found remote working a real benefit although for our HR team we have always utilised video calls and remote access so it felt most processes were already in place when we went into the first lockdown.

I do hope that more normality returns in 2021 - I would love to be able to see my son in a school play at some point and not from the playground!

Mark, HR Consultant

One thing I’ve learnt from 2020, which I’d like to take into 2021, it that you have just got to keep on keeping on.

What one thing would I leave behind? Nothing, it’s all good learning (even if the learning curve has been a bit steep at times!)

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