Survey confirms businesses use home working to tackle coronavirus

A recent poll of businesses has revealed that the majority (almost 90%) are utilising home working as the main way for employees to continue working as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Over two-thirds of respondents have said they are laying-off staff or placing them on furlough

The poll* included businesses from a variety of sectors.

Just under 8% claimed they did not need any major changes to the way they worked – presumably their business was already set up to operate virtually or with limited physical contact with the client. These businesses may also employ key workers therefore the work they do remains unchanged.

16.6% of businesses did respond to show that they required employees to take annual leave. Finally, just under 5% of those who took the survey indicated the coronavirus outbreak meant they had to make employees redundant.

Results in full:

In the past month, what has been the the main way you have managed the workforce issues relate relating to coronavirus?

  1. Required employees to take holidays 16.6%

  2. Arranging for employees to work from home 89.7%

  3. By making employees redundant 4.8%

  4. Laying off employees or placing them on furlough 44.9%

  5. Five no major changes needed or required 7.6%

Using technology

In our opinion, it’s positive to see the majority of businesses are managing to adapt how they work to continue operating as best they can under the circumstances. Technology really is a key player in your team right now!

It’s important, whilst your employees are working outside their usual office environment, that you try to recreate some

of the engagement in your new virtual way of working. This is extremely important to boost morale and keep the team motivated, especially those who may live on their own.

Some top tips to help you:

  1. Communicate using video calls where you can – seeing the person you are speaking to can make the conversation much more effective.

  2. Create some time for socialising – perhaps a virtual coffee break or a lunchtime quiz.

  3. Check in regularly with team members to ask how technology is working for them. Do they need any assistance to fully utilise what is available to them? Are they set up comfortably?

Our sister company HJS Technology has more tips in their recent blog “The challenges of working home.”

They can also be contacted to discuss any technological support your team needs.

You may be ‘making do’ with the technology you had available ahead of the government’s instruction to remain at home. If this equipment and set up is hindering your team’s performance, HJS Technology will be able to advise on best practices to bring you all back up to speed. Email them at or call 023 8038 6586

Employment law

Although the government is putting lots of financial support packages in place, unfortunately there may well be situations where employees will be made redundant or laid off.

It’s essential that in these circumstances you understand the employment legislation that surrounds them, and you do not make any rushed decisions. Even worse, please do not ‘cut corners’ in a bid to improve your finances quickly. Any redundancy process needs to be fair and stand up to any inspection.

You can lay off staff if this is part of their employment contract. The government’s Job Retention Scheme is an alternative at this point in time. Our dedicated blog "Covid-19 Pandemic: Managing Staff Matters" is continually updated with the latest guidance on the help available. We recommend checking back regularly for the latest updates.

If you have any questions about redundancy, lay-off or furlough, give us a call on 01722 325833 or email

* Poll source: Xpert HR

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