Three Common Mistruths About Working With An HR Consultant

As your business starts to grow it's likely you'll be feeling 'spread a bit thin' across your areas of responsibility - after all, small business owners tend to be responsible for nearly everything! You may now be considering what areas should remain under your responsibility and what areas could be given to someone else, and possible outsourced to an external provider.

When it comes to your HR responsibilities, all that HR admin and people management, it's important that the person(s) who take ownership are qualified and experienced. Employment law is not an area you want to 'blag' or focus on halfheartedly.

You can of course opt to employ an HR professional into your business. If there's not the need for a full-time HR person then possibly you could up skill an existing member of your business who either has spare capacity or could adjust their current role.

The alternative is outsourcing your HR management to a third party. As an HR consultancy we know the common reasons why business owners hesitate to look externally for HR support. We also know that these concerns aren't actually what they seem! So we've outlined three common mistruths about working with an HR consultant...

1. Hiring an external HR consultant is more expensive than recruiting someone into the business.

Not necessarily true! Employing staff is actually an expensive task. There are various tax implications such as National Insurance contributions, workplace pension contributions, holiday and sick pay. Engaging with a consultant means they are responsible for such things.

You may not require the services of an HR manager full-time. You could recruit and offer part-time hours but from a practical point of view you'd only have access to that expertise when they were employed to be there. Outsourcing to an HR consultant on a retainer basis will allow you to access the advice and guidance as and when you need it and pay for the time you actually need.

The average salary for an HR Manager according to Glassdoor is £40,757. The retainer services from HJS Human Resources start from as little as £125 per month!

2. An external HR consultant won't understand my company as well as someone internally.

If you are working with an HR consultant who doesn't understand your business, what you do, how you operate, then you're probably working with the wrong person. Any outsourced worker should be working hard to get to know all the ins and outs of your business as soon as they can.

The benefit of working with an external HR person or team is that they can bring insight to your business from the experience they have working with other clients.

3. There will be lots of hidden charges when hiring an HR consultant.

A valid concern when you consider that many professional services, such as solicitors and accountants, charge for their advice 'by the hour'. It can be quite unnerving to then access that advice without the fear of running up a large and unexpected bill!

With a retainer service you don't need to fear a large bill landing at your feet at the end of the month. Our silver and gold retainer services have been designed to offer unlimited advice for our clients over the phone and via email. We understand that when an issue crops up it's better to work together and sort it quickly. If our clients delayed approaching us for help for fear of the cost then a small problem could easily escalate to something much more troublesome.

If dispelling these assumptions has made you think twice about working with an HR consultant then we'd love to chat further about your business and how we can help. Simply call 01722 325833 or email

Equally, if you still have questions or concerns, or perhaps you'd like to understand the exact costs of working with HJS Human Resources on as a retainer client, do get in touch. You can have a free confidential chat about your business with no heavy sales follow up. Call 01722 325833.

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