Top Tips for Boosting Your Self Esteem at Work!

With the weather still gloomy, and the nation still in lockdown, the general vibe wherever you are working can feel low. This can impact your mood and your confidence.

Without the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, our self esteem can significantly influence our mental health in the digital age in which we live, and constant images of perfection to aspire to.

Boost Your Self Esteem Month

February is 'Boost your self esteem' Month and our team have brought together their top tips for how you can implement this at work. We've even designed a poster which you can print off or share around your team.

Tip 1 - Use Positive Language

It is all too easy to put ourselves down and focus on the negatives. By shifting our attention and using more positive language, it can help us to come across as more confident, even if we don't always feel it!

Tip 2 - Obtain Feedback

A great way to identify strengths and weaknesses, is to ask colleagues for honest and constructive feedback. In doing this, we can celebrate the things we are good at and plan to make improvements in areas where there might be weaknesses.

Tip 3 - Ask Questions

Feeling unsure or worried you don't know what you are doing? Ask your colleagues for advice and support. You'll likely surprise yourself and realise that you understand far more than you first thought.

Tip 4 - Celebrate Your Achievements

Big or small, giving yourself a 'pat on the back' and sharing your achievements with your colleagues, helps to boost confidence in your abilities.

Tip 5 - We all make mistakes

It is important to remember that we all make mistakes. Instead of being hard on yourself when things don't go to plan, reframe situations to find the positives that can be taken from it, to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.

Download a copy of our poster below!

Boost Your Self Esteem at Work (2)
Download PDF • 1.81MB

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