Top tips for building teams in a virtual working environment

Whether your team is still working from home or some are and some aren't (and all the variants in between) it's important to ensure everyone still feels involved and included. You may find some staff are still anxious or unsettled about the future. To keep everyone fully up to speed you could try the following ideas:

Keep up appearances online

  • Organise regular team meetings online using video calls such as Zoom or Teams – these meetings help keep a sense of camaraderie and give everyone a chance to catch up and see how their team-mates are doing.

  • Share lunch together online using a video call once a week – use this to catch up socially and talk about what is going on outside work. Your team will really appreciate this while socialising is limited.

  • Once in a while, do something unexpected to get your group laughing and enjoying work. For example you can open team meetings with a quick game, question, puzzle or brain teaser. There are lots of ideas online if you can’t think of anything. This gets everyone’s attention and can provoke a few laughs.

Add a bit of competition

  • Post a work-related trivia question each day - you can even invite your customers, clients, suppliers etc to get involved too!

  • You can also create contests for work objectives related to revenue, sales, service goals, teamwork.

Check in with everyone individually

  • Meet team members regularly online on a one-to-one basis - not everyone feels comfortable sharing to a group, especially their peers. Check how they are coping with working from home, isolation and whether there is anything you can do to make their working life easier.

  • Ask them about their work interests, likes, and dislikes. What is going well and what is harder? Does anyone else feel the same way – maybe you could buddy them up and check in to see how they are.

  • Keep up with performance reviews and take an interest in your employees’ future goals and plans. Check out our e-learning courses which they can complete whilst at home (they can even trial the first module of each course for FREE!)

  • If anyone is getting a bit stale and seems demotivated, encourage ideas and innovation and if it is realistic suggest they follow up on them.

Systems to use for support

  • Ensure your online systems are up to date with relevant information - although it seems like a minor point, ensuring employees can easily access information about working for your company helps things run smoothly.

  • Providing a system such as BreatheHR helps employees to easily request holiday, track their objectives and award or receive kudos from other team members.

  • BreatheHR also stores information such as handbooks and policies, allowing employees to easily locate the answers to any questions they may have about maternity leave, sick pay or grievance policies confidentially.

What ideas would you contribute?

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