Top Tips to Make Remote Inductions Effective

As many companies have made the move to homeworking during the current pandemic, those employees starting a new role may have to go through their on-boarding and induction process remotely.

The induction process is an essential part of the employee journey, helping them to settle in, find their feet and get to know their responsibilities, team mates and other key people in the organisation. Although it may be trickier being inducted remotely, there are some great ways to ensure the new starter feels settled and ready to begin their new role.

We have put together a list of top tips to help you have an effective remote induction process.

  • Send the new employee an ‘Induction Schedule’ ahead of their start date, or on their first day. This should outline what they should expect from their first week as well as any key information of who they should expect to ‘meet’ virtually.

  • Ensure they have all the IT equipment they need and also have access to the Company’s preferred method of video call i.e. Skype, Zoom or MS Teams.

  • Arrange a first day video meeting to introduce your new starter to the team. Ask each member of the team to introduce themselves and give a rundown of their key responsibilities.

  • Give the new employee an overview of the company including the values, goals, how their role fits in with the team and who they will be working closely with.

  • Create a ‘gallery’ of photos with pieces of information about each employee or set up virtual meetings with key employees where the new employee has the opportunity to get to know a bit about the people they will be working with. You could even get team members to record a ‘Welcome’ video.

  • If there are key documents that an employee should read during their first week, these could be emailed or posted to them ahead of their start day, so that they have them available from day one. HR Management software like breatheHR is a great way to share such documents and to keep a digital record of when they have been read.

  • It is essential that any new employees feel part of the team and connected to their colleagues, even if they’ve never met face to face. Virtual Team socials, such as a coffee break at a designated time or team quiz, is one way of achieving this.

  • Schedule catch up meetings throughout the day to ensure your new starter feels included and has some work to keep them busy.

Do you have any top tips you would add?

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