Weekly HR 'Quiz' Producing Some Interesting Results...

Are you a follower of our Facebook page? If so, you should have seen our weekly HR 'quiz' question that we post up on Tuesdays. Each week we share a HR-related question with two options for the answer and at the end of the day we reveal the correct one!

We've shared five quiz questions so far - it's been really interesting to see the results and to get a bit of insight into what people believe is true. Here's a round up of what we asked and how you answered...

Question 1 - At what point does an employee obtain full employment rights?

The correct answer is after two years service. Surprisingly the majority of people who answered thought full employment rights were obtained after an employee passed their probation.

This means that if an employee believes they have been unfairly dismissed they are able to make a claim for unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal IF they have been employed for at least 2 years - assuming they started employment on or after 6 April 2012. They have 3 months from the date they were dismissed to make their claim at a tribunal.

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Question 2 - What is the leading cause of work related sickness absence within the UK?

It was great to see that the majority of answers were correct on this one. Mental ill-health is now the leading cause of work related sickness absence. Mental health is still quite a taboo subject and many employees will choose to mascaraed their absence as something they believe is less doubtful perhaps, like a sickness bug.

As an employer it's important to remember that not all illnesses have physical or visible symptoms. Giving your staff an opportunity to talk about their absence in a relaxed setting when they return back to work may help them to open up about how they are feeling, giving you both the chance to address areas of concern. Return to work conversations also give you an opportunity to track and record absences, possibly identifying trends.

Read more of our blogs on the topic of mental health here.

Question 3 - How much is Statutory Sick Pay each week in the UK?

This was a really surprising result! Two thirds of our quiz takers got the incorrect answer!

In April 2019, the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) rate increased from £92.05 per week to £94.25.

Question 4 - In 2017/2018, what was the highest award for unfair dismissal at an employment tribunal?

The majority got the correct answer to this week's question - it was in fact £417,227 (apologies, we later noticed a small typo... the correct answer is £415,227)

This was a long-running compensation battle between a dismissed fingerprint officer and the Scottish Police Services

Authority - it played out at every level between the employment tribunal, the Supreme Court and back! It's quite a complicated one - you can read a full write up about it here.

The average award for an unfair dismissal in 2017/2018 was £15,000.

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Question 5 - According to a British Airways survey in 2015/2016, how many British workers used their annual leave toward a two-week holiday?

As the sun is shining and we began the month of June we shared a 'holiday' related question.

It was interesting to see a mixed response and that the majority believe more of us take a two-week break than we actually do. The correct answer is 31%.

Does this answer surprise you? Legislation exists regarding the amount of annual leave an employee is entitled to but there are no rules as such about when the holiday should be taken. Obviously a longer break could benefit your staff from being switched off from work for a longer period of time, but we appreciate that this may not be an option for smaller businesses - it may be more detrimental to those covering the colleague on holiday.

It's certainly worthwhile considering how you can encourage your staff to make the best use of their annual leave, to get a physical and mental break, in order to come back refreshed and raring to go!

To join in our weekly quiz questions, simply head over to the HJS Human Resources Facebook page and give us a 'like' - next question coming on Tuesday 9 July...

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