What is International Leadership Week?

Last month, we shared the good news that our 3-day Team Leadership Skills Course has received Approved status from The Institute of Leadership & Management.

The Institute is the professional body for leadership development, helping businesses and individuals to unlock their potential through the use of world class leadership tools and resources. Our 3-day team leadership course has been independently verified and professionally recognised by the Institute as delivering a leadership programme using the most up to date approaches and content.

The Institute's purpose is to “Inspire great leadership. Everywhere.” This year, the Institute launches their first International Leadership Week, taking place on 18-21 November 2019.

What is International Leadership Week?

International Leadership Week is a fully digital, inclusive event which brings together the leaders in leadership to share compelling webinars, engaging interviews with high-profile speakers and thought-provoking discussion.

Starting Monday 18 November, there will be four days of live webinars, each presented by a leader, manager, thought leader or academic from around the world. The first webinar is presented by Charles Hampden-Turner, a Companion of the Institute of Leadership & Management, and management philosopher. His webinar takes place on Monday 18 November 9:00-9:30 and is titled “What do we mean

by values?” Click here to book onto his webinar.

How can I get involved and benefit from International Leadership Week?

The four-day event has a packed schedule of webinars, which are all free to watch. You can view the full programme here. You can also view biographies of each speaker as well as link to their profile on LinkedIn. There is hashtag you can also use to find content across social media, #LeadershipWeek19

The biggest benefit is access to key individuals who are continually progressing leadership development today. Each webinar is just 30 minutes and at the end of each day there is a 10 minute ‘highlights’ webinar, so if you aren’t able to tune in throughout the day you can catch up on the essential messages.

We appreciate as busy business owners and employers that you may not have the time to watch all the webinars. Why not consider:

  • Looking at the schedule and picking a couple of webinars that interest you

  • Asking managers or team leaders to pick a webinar to watch and share the key messages with the rest of the team

  • Invite a group of managers or team leaders to watch a webinar together and then have a discussion afterwards

The Institute also has free resources on their website which you and your team can access here.

The theme for International Leadership Week 2019 is “Values”

The first International Leadership Week has a theme of “values.” The Institute highlights that the word ‘value’ is used with increasing frequency in all types of organisations, often with many different meanings, all of importance to leadership. The speakers for each webinar will be giving their interpretation of what we mean by ‘values’ and how they can be used to inspire good leadership.

A simple definition of values is:

“The important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable.”

We asked our HR Consultants for their thoughts on values too.

Charlotte Mellor commented, “Company values provide a benchmark of how we treat our colleagues and clients. In addition, how we want to deliver, and be known for, our services.”

Zoe Gray felt that the company Innocent Drinks (fruit drinks and smoothies) was a good example of a company using its values well. Her interpretation of values is “the ethics and principles of a company, what they stand for and believe in.”

Finally, our MD Dan Jenkins highlighted Disney and Virgin as organisations that demonstrate their company values well. Dan's defined values as:

“The term values means the way we agree to work together - a shared ethos of what is important to us as a team in the way we interact with each other and our clients.”

The values of The Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute openly share the values they as an organisation stand by. They’ve identified 5 values that they stand by:

  1. Authenticity - I behave with integrity and stay true to my values. I inspire trust by acting ethically and by challenging others to do so.

  2. Vision - I look ahead, take risks and innovate. I am courageous and ready to face the future.

  3. Ownership - I'm responsible, use my initiative, am decisive, abstain from blame, critically reflect on my role and am always learning.

  4. Achievement - I'm clear about my purpose and targets. I'll stretch myself and others. I'm adaptable and work for long-term impact.

  5. Collaboration - I seek to work effectively with others and to be easy to work with. I'm socially sensitive and embrace differences.

Next steps

We hope that you find the time to get involved with International Leadership Week. Don’t forget to join in the discussion online, using the hashtag #LeadershipWeek19 (we will be!)

Perhaps use this week to consider the values that your organisation stands for, and how that can be demonstrated throughout your people, working processes, customer relations... anything and everything in your company!

Also consider what good leadership looks like in your organisation, or how you want it to look like. If you have good leaders, they will inspire future members of their team to become good leaders themselves, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Good leadership is a skill which is learned and developed.

If leadership is causing your business pain or acting as a barrier to growth and hitting your targets, it can be resolved. Leadership development is a wise investment for any business. We have a number of training courses focused on management and development – take a look at our course programme or call the team on 01722 325833 to discuss your organisation’s needs.

Remember, our “institute approved” 3-day Team Leadership Skills course takes place later this month – there's still time to book on.

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