Redundancy Support Package for Employers

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Making employees redundant is a difficult and emotional experience, and one that requires a strict adherence to a fair legal process.  The risk of getting it wrong is high, potentially leading to costly legal proceedings and a demotivated workforce if employees feel the process was handled badly and/or unfairly.

The Redundancy Support Pack from HJS Human Resources has been designed to help employers get the procedure right first time, so that employees can see that the process has been handled fairly and legally.  This will mitigate the risk of lengthy and costly legal challenges.

Support Package includes all this:

Guidance and Resources

  • Employer’s guide to redundancy procedures

  • Redundancy costs calculator spreadsheet

  • Set of template letters including legal redundancy notice

  • Consultation meetings scripts

  • Redundancy Selection Matrix

  • Illustration of Redundancy Benefit Form


Email & telephone support by experts

  • Up to 3 hours expert telephone and email advice & guidance :

    • Redundancy selection process

    • Legal consultation process

    • Issues that come up during the process

  • Checking of redundancy pay calculations

  • Check of current employment contracts

Document preparation

  • Bespoke letters produced if required

  • Selection matrix check – confirmation of calculations

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